NSF student travel fellowship awards

Benard Chen, Georgia State University
Alessandro Abate, University of California at Berkeley Stephanie
Jimenez Irausquin, University of South Carolina Vidya Kamath,
University of South Florida John Jiazheng Yuan, Southern Illinois

Best Research - Best Paper Awards

First Runner-Up Best Student Research

Bernard Chen, Stephen Pellicer, Phang C. Tai, Robert Harrison and Yi Pan.
Super Granular SVM Feature Elimination (Super GSVM-FE) Model for
Protein Sequence Motif Information Extraction Georgia State University

Best Student Research

Alessandro Abate, Yu Bai, Nathalie Sznajder, Carolyn Talcott and
Ashish Tiwari. Quantitative and Probabilistic Modeling in Pathway
Logic University of California at Berkeley Stanford University

First Runner-Up Best Application Research

Stephanie Jimenez Irausquin and Liangjiang Wang.
A Machine Learning Approach for Prediction of Lipid-Interacting
Residues in Amino Acid Sequences.
Clemson University
University of South Carolina

Best Application Research

Jeffrey Tilson, Gloria Rendon, Mao-Feng Ger and Eric Jakobsson.
MotifNetwork: A Grid-enabled Workflow for High-throughput Domain
Analysis of Biological Sequences University of Illinois at

First Runner-Up Best Inter/Multidisciplinary Research

Shibin Qiu and Terran Lane.
The RNA String Kernel for siRNA Efficacy Prediction.
University of New Mexico

Best Inter/Multidisciplinary Research

Guo-Zheng Li, Xue-Qiang Zeng, Jack Y. Yang and Mary Qu Yang Partial
Least Squares Based Dimension Reduction with Gene Selection for Tumor
Shanghai University
Harvard University
National Institutes of Health (NIH).

First Runner-Up Best Original Research

Yunfeng Yang, Mengxia Zhu, Liyou Wu and Jizhong Zhou.
Biostatistical Considerations of the Use of Genomic DNA Reference in
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, United States Department of Energy.
Southern Illinois University.

Best Original Research

A. Keith Dunker, Christopher J. Oldfield, Jingwei Meng, Pedro Romero,
Jack Y. Yang, Zoran Obradovic and Vladimir N. Uversjy.
Intrinsically Disordered Proteins: An Update.
Indiana University
Indiana University Purdue University

Honorrary Mention for the Best Paper Award

Abdellali Kelil, Shengrui Wang and Ryszard Brzezinski.
A New Alignment-Independent Algorithm for Clustering Protein Sequences 
ProspectUS Laboratory
Department of Computer Sciences
Faculty of Sciences
University of Sherbrooke
Sherbrooke, QC, Canada